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Welcome to Upstate Bouldering, designed around bouldering in the Upstate region of South Carolina. This website is intended to inform the reader of local spots in SC, Western NC and Northeast GA, as well as a blog of my experiences climbing at these great spots. I hope everyone learns of a new place to climb or is inspired to climb somewhere close to them. If you have any comments, please send me an e-mail.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Jocassee Gorges Bouldering Trail Day-December 1st!!!

The upcoming Jocassee Gorges Bouldering Trail Day is going to be here before you know it!!!  We have been putting together a big shindig to get everyone excited and offer a little something to everyone for coming out and helping clean up some of the trails used to approach some of the best bouldering in South Carolina.  Below is the tentative schedule with as much details as we have so far...

8am: Meet at Holly Springs Grocery, the gas station at the junction of Highway 11 and Highway 178 about 5 minutes west of Table Rock State Park.  We will split into a few groups and then drive to the nearby trails and hopefully begin work on the trails no later than 8:30.  If you happen to get there later than 8am, please e-mail me ( and I will give you directions on where to meet us after we have started the trail work.  Please don't forget to wear appropriate clothes and shoes and bring equipment for the trail day (gloves, pruners, shovels, saws...we do need at least one chainsaw, picks, etc) along with your own lunch and water you will need while out on the trail for the day.

12noon-1pm:Finish trail work and end up in the boulderfields.  Start bouldering immediately after the trail work is finished.  We will collect pads and gear at 8am when we meet at the gas station and have them shuttled to a pick up spot near the boulders at this time, so you don't have to do trail work with your pad and shoes on your back.

1pm-Dark: Boulder until your forearms and fingertips scream..."NO MORE!!!":)  There will be a few locals that are very familiar with the boulderfields there to point out problems in all grade ranges and make sure that you get on the most classic routes in your grade range!

Dark (about 6-6:30pm):  Hike out and drive down the road to One With The Ride for the evening festivities!!!  One With The Ride ( has graciously donated their land for us to camp on...we will have some sort veggie and non-veggie choices for dinner, followed by a slideshow/video of local bouldering and a sweet full length bouldering flick after that!!!  While all of this is going on, we will have a slackline set up, One With The Ride has a bouldering wall you can climb on, as well as, an awesome mini-ramp (bring your own skateboard or bike) and a BMX jump track!!! There will be a silent auction to benefit the Carolina Climbers Coalition with some great prizes to bid on...including the LAST COPIES OF THE UPSTATE BOULDERING GUIDE (theres only 7 left and the next print run will be a few years out...if you want one before the trail day, don't forget to order one by using the link out to the upper left), and a color and black and white copy of my personal journal/guidebook (about 600 routes) of the Bearfields and Jedi Boulders, which we will be focusing on during this trail day.  There have only been 2 other copies of this guidebook available to the general public, EVER, and they will NEVER be available again for come out and bid big to own this ULTRA-LIMITED GUIDEBOOK!!!  So please make sure to bring PLENTY of cash to get some goodies and help out the CCC too!!!

SO let me sum this up for up at 8am and plan on camping Saturday.  Trail work for half of the day and bouldering in some incredible boulders for the other half of the day.  After bouldering, enjoy the post boulder session food, camping, videos, bouldering movie, slacklining, bouldering wall, skateboarding, biking, silent auction and just all around good fun hanging out with other boulderers.  I'm sure there will be some folks heading back out into the boulders on Sunday plan on camping and getting another big boulder session in before you head back home! 

If anyone had any questions or concerns, please drop me an e-mail at