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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Local Spot-Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve & other Columbia Boulders

Columbia, SC is about as far south and east in the state that you will find dedicated rock climbers...there's really no hills or mountains, all the way to the coast, for too many people to pick it up as a hobby. But with USC in town, the college crowd brings a diverse group of folks to boost the local scene of young professionals and gym rats. I've had quiet a few e-mails and inquiries about climbing near Columbia...and so here is your outdoor local spot, instead of being confined to your local gym. If anyone has anything to add, please post a comment to help these flatlander's out:)

All that I have ever been able to find, bouldering wise, near the Columbia area are a few boulders in the river near the Zoo, and some sandstone boulders in Peachtree Rock Heritage Preserve, located about 30-45 minutes outside of town. George Evans has done a great job of describing these boulders and some of the problems in his blog, so most of this is just a reference to what he has done...all the credit for this area can be given to George's efforts. Please let me reiterate, Peachtree Rock is not intended to be a climbing area, and boulderers will be sharing the space with other users, be courteous at all times...please represent SC boulderers well by not causing problems by being loud, vulgar, or rude in any way. It goes without saying to leave no trace, especially litter, excessive chalk, tick marks...and dont trample vegetation or trees. Remember that there is NO CLIMBING ON PEACHTREE ROCK ITSELF!!!

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