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Monday, November 11, 2013

Very Limited Fundraiser Opportunity!!! Get a copy of 3 guidebooks and 1600+ problems with Southern Appalachian Bouldering, Upstate Bouldering Guide and my personal guide to Bearfields, Jedi and other boulders nearby!!!!

Upstate Bouldering Guide, Southern Appalachian Bouldering & Bearfield and Jedi Guidebook...

3 Guidebooks for $100 with all profits going to the Carolina Climbers Coalition to support access in the areas covered by the guides!!!  

ONLY 3 SETS AVAILABLE...Get Them Before They're Gone!!! 

So, to kick off the excitement surrounding the upcoming Jocassee Gorges Bouldering Trail Day on December 7th (make sure that you are planning on being there this year, we're opening up some new Jocassee Gorges boulderfields!!!) I'm offering a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a copy of my personal guidebook to areas most folks have never been able to experience except on trail days...the Bearfields and Jedi Boulders!!!  Pick up this awesome set of books and be ready to hit the best routes in these areas during the trail day!  These are the most infamous boulderfields in the Jocassee Gorges and they contain possibly the best boulder problems in the entire state of South Carolina!  Along with the 350+ problems in the Bearfields and 300+ problems in the Jedi boulders, I've included 250+ more problems in other boulderfields nearby, like Lighthouse, Pow Wow, Ghost Town and Waterfall...that's right 900 boulder problems you've probably never heard about or seen before!!!  Along with this guidebook, I'm including the new Southern Appalachian Bouldering guidebook and the original Upstate Bouldering Guidebook in this package deal!!!  All of the guidebooks will be signed and numbered by myself, and in total will provide over 1600 boulder problems in the Jocassee Gorges and overall Southern Appalachian area!  This is the complete set of books to fill in the gaps between all of the other guidebooks to major southeastern areas and provides information about other activities near each boudlering area too...check out the quick description and cover for each guide below.

1) Upstate Bouldering Guide
In the Upstate Bouldering Guide, over 350 routes in 7 different bouldering areas in the Jocassee Gorges, Nantahala National Forest, and Pisgah National Forest are presented.  Boulderfields in the Jocassee Gorges of South Carolina include Little Eastatoee, Beasley Gap, Sasquatch, and Big Eastatoee, along with Granite City in Nantahala National Forest and selected routes from the North Side and Nowhere Boulders in Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina make this guide well worth owning!  

Tucked in the northwest corner of South Carolina, and into western North Carolina, is a 250 square mile Shangri-La called the Jocassee Gorges. The area gets its name from the dramatic mountains and secluded 2500’ gorges that drain steep, fast moving rivers, as they carve their way into tropical-like Lake Jocassee. Hidden among the Gorges and other nearby areas, are a plethora of boulders and small clifflines that provide a very tranquil and serene bouldering experience. Also included to compliment these areas, are 2 incredible areas in nearby Western North Carolina, Granite City and Pisgah National Forest, that provide plenty of great routes too!

Included in this guidebook are nearly 350 boulder problems, in 4 different bouldering areas in South Carolina and 3 areas in North Carolina. With a bouldering spot for practically every season, and local info on other outdoor activities to enjoy nearby, this tome will prove to be invaluable to the real Upstate Boulderer and other outdoor enthusiasts alike!!!

For direct ordering information, click the link below...

2) Southern Appalachian Bouldering
In Southern Appalachian Bouldering, over 400 routes in 11 different locations in the Jocassee Gorges, Chattahoochee National Forest and Pisgah National Forest are explored.  The newest Jocassee Gorges boulderfield, Sassafras, is presented, along with beta on 15 nearby deep water bouldering locations on Lake Keowee and Lake Jocassee…all of which are in South Carolina.  The spectacular boulders at Mt Yonah in the Chattahoochee National Forest of northeast Georgia are perfect in the wintertime.  And finally Western North Carolina has plenty of coverage, including the 107 Boulders only 10 minutes from Cashiers, Corner Rock in the Big Ivy Wilderness not too far from Asheville, and 5 areas in Pisgah National Forest that includes boulders near The Nose and the East Face of Looking Glass, Pilot Rock, Stony Bald and the Graveyard Fields.  Along with the Upstate Bouldering Guide, Southern Appalachian bouldering helps to fill the void between other boulderfields in the area and both are great for finding alternatives to Rumbling Bald, when it’s packed and the park is turning climbers away for the day!

The southern reaches of the Appalachian Mountains, sprawl out across several southeastern states, depositing boulders and outcrops on hillsides and deep in the valleys below, before it flattens out into the piedmonts. Rumbling Bald is the center of the region’s bouldering scene and with much increased attention, there is a need for beta on nearby areas to spread out impact and provide plenty of routes when The Bald is packed! This guidebook, along with the Upstate Bouldering Guide, provides several quality alternatives within the Southern Appalachians, and will please anyone looking for an alternative to The Bald, a new spot to check out or simply experience all the area has to offer! Included are several warmer weather spots along the Chattooga River, on Lakes Jocassee and Keowee in SC, to match the impressive blocks at Yonah in GA, and the incredible variety of problems at the 107 Boulders and Corner 5 new spots in Pisgah National Forest in NC, to get you psyched... on the Southern Appalachians!

 For direct ordering information, click the link below...

3) Bearfields, Jedi, Lighthouse, Pow Wow, Devil of a Friend, Ghost Town and Waterfall Guidebook

This is a copy of my own personal guidebook to the more secret and remote areas in the Jocassee Gorges of South Carolina.  I don’t usually let any copies of this guidebook get out, but for this one occasion, I thought it would provide more motivation to pick up this wonderful guidebook package!  This is the updated version (updated early November 2013) of this guidebook, which includes over 900 routes in these incredible locations.  The Bearfields and the Jedi Boulders are the largest of the 2 boulderfields in the Jocassee Gorges with around 350 routes in the Bearfields and 300 or so routes in Jedi.  The routes in these 2 boulderfields vary from slabby to overhung but most everyone agrees that these are the 2 best (legal) boulderfields in the entire state, much less the Jocassee Gorges.  In the surrounding areas, there are smaller boulderfields with quality problems also.  Lighthouse has around 125 routes and would be considered the best boulderfield around if it weren’t for the 3 mile approach!  Pow Wow, Devil of a Friend, Ghost Town and Waterfall all have a great circuit of quality routes but are the smallest of the local boulderfields with 10-50 routes in each area.  Get this book on this rare occasion and join us for a tour of some of these boulderfields on the upcoming trail day to complete your knowledge of these amazing bouldering areas in some of the most impressive settings in the southeast!!!