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Monday, February 2, 2009

Big Rock

Hopefully sometime this week, I'll take a break from the normal boulder circuits and poke around Big Rock to see what's there. A buddy of mine used to climb here when he was going to Clemson, and I have also heard several other groups from Clemson and Greenville have climbed here in the past. This is presently the best, legal bouldering option in the Upstate. Even if it hasn't been looked at yet, its better than what legal bouldering we have right now...practically nothing! If anyone wants to get into a bushwhacking adventure, just post here and we will start developing the rock.


  1. Hey, Brad--what's the deal with Big rock? I used to live in Clemson and there wasn't crap to climb on! (Although some of teh blocs up at Table Rock looked cool. But those are illegal, right?) With Rumbling Bald closing for awhile, we need some new winter bouldering around these parts!

  2. Big Rock is a great looking broken crag. It has 2 areas of interest; the main area that is seen from the road is more broken and seems better suited for bouldering, and the hidden slab wall area that might give up quiet a few roped routes. Crescent doesnt mind us hiking on a fire road that wraps around the back side of Big Rock, which I think will provide an approach point within the first 1/2 mile or so. Back in the 80's/early 90's, there were a few local Clemson/Greenville climbers that used to climb here. Where they used to approach from is now private property though. They climbed in the main broken area, which they implied might be better suited for bouldering than roped climbing due to the lack of height on the routes. I live within a few miles so if anyone wants to come check it out, let me know and we'll plan a recon/FA mission. Check it out on Google Earth off of E. Preston McDaniel Rd in Pickens, you can see the basic layout of the crag and the housing development near its base to get an idea of whats there.

    If you havent checked out the boulders at the base of the North Side of Looking Glass, they are worth a few visits...usually a summer spot for me when Rumbling heats up, but always worth a trip. If you are down near Big Rock, let me know and I'll take you to some great rock hidden in the nearby mountains.

  3. Brad--sounds cool. How would you compare the bouldering you've done around there to the Bald? I've got plans for the next couple of weekends already, but I'd definitely be in to coming down for a day and checking out what's around there sometime before it gets too warm.

    I've bouldered on the N side of the glass a couple of times, and it is pretty good for not getting much traffic. From Asheville, it's about the same time commitment to head up to Grandmother or Hawksbill, so that's our usual summer routine.

    I'll check out Google Earth, but let's try to maybe meet up some day late this month and hit up some Upstate bouldering! If you go to Big Rock before then, I'll be interested to hear an update on the quality--so I'll keep checking the blog.

  4. I'll keep you posted. If you decide to visit, I'll make sure you arent disappointed...there are some really great boulders hidden in the hills that remind me of a cross between Rumbling's quality and dynamics with a smidge of Boat Rock slab to keep you honest. Big Rock and some other areas are only 1- 1 1/2 hours from Asheville.

  5. Sounds Awesome! I climb with Zach a lot who also posted on your blog, so maybe we can wrangle up a few folks and pay you a visit!

  6. That would be perfect...I'll provide some grub afterwards, if everyone has the time. Let me know when you guys are interested.

  7. Please access this mountain from the trailhead further up on Preston McDaniel's Hwy and not the subdivision.
    While Natureland trust put a PUBLIC parking lot in our PRIVATE neighborhood here, with out the permission and consideration of it's residents,there is pending litigation to close it down, because it violates the legal covenant determining use of that lot as for RESIDENTIAL PURPOSES ONLY.
    Please respect our privacy and security and not turn our neighborhood into a tourist attraction.
    Again, access the mountain from the trail head OUTSIDE of this area.