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Welcome to Upstate Bouldering, designed around bouldering in the Upstate region of South Carolina. This website is intended to inform the reader of local spots in SC, Western NC and Northeast GA, as well as a blog of my experiences climbing at these great spots. I hope everyone learns of a new place to climb or is inspired to climb somewhere close to them. If you have any comments, please send me an e-mail.

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Beefing up the Local Spots & a New Sponsor

I've started to beef up the Local Spots on the website to include some spots that aren't quiet as local, but haven't had much information put out about them. I keep mentioning the Big Easy bouldering wall, but this is a minor drip in the bucket compared to the 2 spots I've recently added, so its going to stay on the backburner. My intent is to give the best info I can, on Upstate bouldering areas that don't have access issues. After that, I'd like to offer at least one good bouldering spot in the states that border South Carolina; North Carolina and Georgia. The last 2 Spots listed were pretty big areas with some major potential left for new routes.

The first North East Georgia spot is a doozy; Mt Yonah. Many folks don't consider Yonah (or Yoda as I tend to call it) to be a top notch crag or bouldering area...but their view is pretty short sighted. Yonah offers some good to great climbing routes at the Main Wall and other crags near the top, but the bouldering there is so under appreciated. The small guidebook and additional Hilltop topo only represent a tiny percentage of the boulder routes that are scattered all along the mountain side and base. These are the quickest and easiest boulders to hit and serve as a great launch pad for exploring and finding "new" boulders. Michael Crowder is the long time Yonah expert, and he has mentioned several times that Yonah has had over 1000 boulder routes sent in the past, but most of them have been recovered with moss and left for someone else to "FA" once again. For all of your NE Georgia folks, be on the lookout for another N Georgia spot soon; Shaking Rock, about 45 minutes outside of Athens.

The second spot is a little more north than I usually post about, but has become a very talked about destination in magazines and recent climbing media; the Linville Gorge Boulders. Highlighted in an LVM Rock video, an issue of Deadpoint magazine and in Urban Climber, the Linville Gorge Boulders, including Wonderland and Dreamland Boulders, have become very enticing for anyone near the area. The Highcountry is notorious for hush-hush boulder tactics and keeping info very close to the vest, but this is one area that has been given a little better treatment and made public to those that are interested. The Movement On Stone blog is basically the internet guidebook to the area, and when cross referenced with's info, a more comprehensive understanding can be obtained.

These are the first 2 climbing spots not within the immediate vicinity of the Upstate, but because of how many quality boulders, relative lack of information, and current reputation of the areas, especially Linville Boulders, I thought they should be brought to the forefront so folks can have at 'em and form their own opinions about the areas. I am also planning on adding a couple of quick local spots outside Knoxville, TN in the near future, so be on the lookout. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them with me on the website or through e-mail. Enjoy some of the better, unheard of, bouldering in the South!

New Sponsor!!!

I also have a new sponsor for the website...Homegrown Holds. Homegrown is a local, upstate SC, climbing hold company. They produce some of the finest, and most unique holds on the market and their holds have been thoroughly tested at a local gym. I mentioned Homegrown back in August, when I recieved an awesome skull climbing hold from them for my birthday. They can also produce special order holds if you have something special in mind that you've always wanted. The quality is superb, the turn around on orders is very rapid and the prices wont break your budget (they are usually well below the average hold price). Take a look at their current stock by clicking their button to the right. If you have any questions, get in touch with Jared and he'll set you up with what you need to complete or enhance your wall. Mention you saw this on Upstate Bouldering and he'll give you the 10% local climber discount!!!

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