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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring has Sprung

I've been super busy with work lately and haven't had a chance to climb or blog much. I did get out to a couple of spots over the weekend to do a little bouldering, but nothing major.

Friday, we took a trip up to Dixon boulders at Crowder's Mtn State Park below Charlotte. This was my 3rd trip up there, so I was a little familiar with the spot. On this trip though, I noticed that the old boulder trail that started at the road, which I thought was closed to foot traffic, was now open to access the boulders. This makes for an easier and more enjoyable approach up through the boulders instead of hiking to the top of the hill to access them. I climbed a bunch of easy fun stuff down closer to the road, including a sweet face that had 2 1-finger pockets up to a slopey top out...maybe a V2 or V3 at the tops, but a fun climb none-the-less. We then chased a few routes up the hill until we connected to the boulders we had climbed before. After repeating some of the routes we had already sent, we packed it up and headed out.

Saturday, we took a trip up to Cashiers and Highlands and climbed at Granite City on our way back. Cashiers has one of my favorite restaurants around, Cornucopia, that serves up traditional American and southern food. Cornucopia is also a nice place to take a bottle of wine or some beers with you to enjoy with your meal (Cahiers is a dry town, so you have to bring it with you if you want to drink). After cramming one of the best cheeseburgers in the world in, we loaded up and headed to Highlands to shop, and pick up dessert at the homemade candy store...the pecan pralines and caramels were incredible! From there we dropped down into the Horse Cove/Whiteside Cove area and hit Granite City. Granite City is usually a good choice for summer bouldering, at least in the morning and evening, and then you can spend the hot of the day in the Chattooga headwaters cooling off. After climbing the usual warm ups and local classics, I tried one of my favorite routes, a relatively easy, V1/V2, dyno seen in the above photo. When I stuck the jug at the top though, I partially dislocated my wrist, something that has happened a couple of times before. I hopped off and shook it back into place and refired, sending the dyno in a little pain. After a few more routes, we packed it up and started to head home. On the ride home, my wrist started pounding and feeling much worse than when this had happened before. Later on that night, I could barely move my wrist without terrible pain. Now, after a few days and some home wall therapy, its feeling better...but I think this may have effectively shut me down from climbing anything hard for the rest of the spring.

Earlier this week, I got a chance to visit a set of chossy boulders near my house, that I've dubbed the Voltage Boulders (they are either under or just beside some of the giant powerlines). Nothing too special, pretty chossy with some downed trees on the best routes to be honest with you...but I still enjoyed checking out some new stuff. There was one really fun V1 sit start on a bunch of hollow huecoes that went up to a fun easy slab that sticks out to me. I also got to check out a slabby rock face, with a handful of boulders at the base, on the same day. There were a few good lines, but the bear evidence made us think twice about hanging around too long.

Next week, I have the week off from work, so I have had big plans of hopefully hitting Boat Rock, Little Rock City, HP40, Pisgah and possibly Boone...but I'll have to see how the wrist feels and may have to rearrange my plans if it feels too bad. Either way, Spring Break has always been the time of the year that I wrap up the bouldering season and start to focus on mountain biking and eventually kayaking for the summer...I just hope I can end the season with some good bouldering.

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