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Thursday, April 29, 2010

This Week's HP40 Guidebook Giveaway Entries

Well, I am a little surprised that there havent been more entries so far...I mean its a free guidebook I'm giving away here:) I had a few folks send pictures and a few just send in their favorite route. Dont forget that you have until June 1st to enter.
Here are this weeks entries:

1. Aubrey Wingo: Lost Digits at Boat Rock

2. Brian Blanar: Splash Back at Rock Town

3. George Evans: Grind Of Sound Mind at The Bearfields

4. Sean Cobourn: Red Giant at Poplar Tent

5. John Weseley: The Snake Eyes Sit Start at Shaking Rock

6. Matt Christie: Harvest Moon at Zahnd

So, only 6 folks have entered so far...and have helped me to plan my next road trip:) Thats what I love about the south, so many good boulders and they are spread out over several states. In the above list, GA, AL, SC & NC (still no TN entry...where you at LRC, Lilly, Dayton Pocket, Laurel Snow people?) are all represented and only 2 of the routes are from the major southeast boulderfields, Rocktown and Boat Rock. The others are from local, smaller bouldering areas that have just as good quality, but lack the crowds and hype...we are truly blessed with a variety of bouldering options down here below the Mason-Dixon!

Keep the entries coming, especially the sweet pictures! With the cooler weather lately, the season has been extended...get out and photo your favorite send! Or, go check out one of the above recommendations and see what makes it someone's southeast favorite.

I'll leave you with a shot of one of my SE favs...Use The Force at Jedi

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