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Monday, March 12, 2012

Jocassee Gorges Trail Day Flyer

I just whipped this flyer up to provide some basic info for the upcoming trail day. Here is a link to the first post about the Trail Day. Please remember to wear sturdy boots, pants, and work gloves to protect yourself from the briars, underbrush and for picking up trash.

We will also need tools to perform the trail work...Please bring shovels (spade and flat), pick axes, hand-saws, pruners, garden rakes, etc. Some mallets, pry bars, post hole diggers, sledge-hammers, etc might be handy too.

Please pack yourself a brown bag and some water for Saturday’s lunch.

The plan is to split the group up into 2 smaller groups and tackle the 2 main quick approach bouldering areas in the Gorges, Little Eastatoee and Beasley Gap. We will meet at Little Eastatoee and go from there. Each area's parking lot is a main spot that we'll be working on. At Little Eastatoee, we'll be smoothing out the apron into the parking area, picking up litter and trash and then re-clearing/cutting the main trail to all of the various bouldering spots. At Beasley Gap, we'll be picking up litter trash from the parking area (there is a lot of trash, old busted TV's, near this parking area) and trimming the underbrush...on up the trail, we'll clear the trail of any downed trees and pulling old metal waste out of the area that has been taking away from its beauty for quiet a few years. If we have any time after these areas, we'll go pick up trash at the parking for both Sasquatch and Big Eastatoee, which are right around the corner from the other 2 spots. After working hard for the morning, we'll head out into the boulderfields for some spectacular sending!!! We might take a trip to some lesser known areas that aren't covered in the guidebook...cant tell you where...but it would be worth showing up to find out:)

I'll have the new guidebook for sale (black and white copies for $20 each) at the Trail Day and folks that have prepaid with PayPal can also pick their copies up then too, if they choose not to have the guidebook shipped. I will also be giving away a few copies of the guidebook to folks that show up and help out, so make sure to get there on time and work hard to show me you deserve one of the free copies!!!

Camping will be available for both Friday and Saturday night if anyone is interested, please RSVP to one of the addresses on the flyer to get directions to the camping and so we know how many folks to expect.

This has been in the works for some time now and I'm super excited to be able to help out with some of the bouldering areas I hit all the time! Please feel free to pass this post or the flyer around to anyone you might think is interested and encourage them to come enjoy the fun and discover of some of the best unknown boulders in the Southeast!!!

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