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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Busy Few Weeks...Not Much Climbing

I have been so busy over the last few weeks that I really haven't been able to get out and climb much. J-Rock and I did some deep water soloing on Keowee last week, and this week I was able to get by the Climb at Blue Ridge gym to check out some of the newer routes he has set. As usual, great boulder problems and roped routes everywhere. It's funny how a few weeks away from climbing and training regularly and a V4 seems pretty hard again. Almost sent a V6, but the crux was at the top and my mind kept telling me to back off so I didn't jeopardize hurting myself for my wedding and honeymoon.

With only a week and change before my wedding, the focus has been everywhere except climbing. I plan on posting some blogs from Portugal, including some pictures, so be on the look out for that around the 25th or so. There are boulders in some beautiful settings over there; from the base of the sheer tidal cliffs, to a rainforested mountain top, and in the walls of centuries old Moorish castles. Until then, this will probably be my last set of posts for a little while...but I will leave everyone with a new local spot about some climbing areas on Lake Keowee that will keep you cool for the summer!

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