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Monday, January 25, 2010

Float the Boat 2010

Float the Boat finally happened this past Saturday down at Boat Rock in Atlanta...and once again, it didn't disappoint! I was lucky enough to be surrounded by my wife and some great climbing friends all day at one of my favorite South East bouldering areas...needless to say, I really enjoyed it:) I was able to hit every area except Joe's Woods & Half Pipe, and send 4 new V3's and a new V4 in the process. If you don't know how this style of comp works, you climb as many routes as you want, each route has a point value, and your final score is the sum of your 10 highest valued routes. Among my ten routes were some old favorites, Sleazy Slab V3, Sourwood Arete V3, Dream Scoop V3, Rockhouse Traverse V3, Blues Crack V2 and some new routes, Blind Melon V4, Ski-Bop V3, Eagle Slab V3, Yellow Mon V3, and Marvin Webb Slab V3/4. My favorite route of the day had to be the Marvin Webb Slab. I wasn't expecting to send it, because I hit it at the end of the day, and after getting past the low crux and feeling comfortable on the slab towards the top, my feet blew and I almost took a 15-20 ft slide down a bad slab...very memorable send! I didn't place in the top 3 of the Intermediate division (actually 8 outta 19, not bad) but I did get to climb my butt off and had a lot of fun doing it.

Most of those that follow this blog have heard me mention George Evans, one of the newest SC Jedi Slabmasters...I was super happy to see him WIN the beginner division! He climbed hard all day and I think did incredible, especially seeing as how he had never been to Boat Rock before! Big Congrats to George...what a great week-before-your birthday present! Another blog follower, Brian Barnes (Barnesey) finished 3rd in the beginner division with a strong performance on his part...congrats Brian! Mine and Brian's wives both competed with Katy Weisensee getting 5th and Sara Barnes getting 4th on the womens beginner division...congrats ladies on climbing your best, it was a lot of fun to cheer you on and watch:) Caleb Smith, another super nice and super STRONG Clemson climber, also competed and sent quiet a few impressive routes including Firewoman and Yellow Arete (one of the super classic Boat Rock routes)! Everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves, if they won some prizes or not.

Here is the SCC write up for the comp

I thought it was a very successful trip to was so nice to get out to a boulderfield that I don't get to hit very often and hang out with some good friends, send some new routes, drink some good beer, and see some of my best buds win some great schwag at the same time! Big thanks to the SCC for putting this shindig on every year.

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