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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Upstate Update

I haven't been Tweeting or posting much over the last few weeks, mainly because I have gotten very little climbing in lately. I have been able to get out to Little Eastatoee a couple of times, along with one good trip up to Rumbling last week, where I sent a bunch of V0's-V2's that I hadn't done yet...nothing of incredible note to mention really, but a fun time hanging out with George none-the-less. I'm planning on finishing up a big chunk of my '09-'10 bouldering season tick list this weekend, with a couple of trips to the Bald and possibly a trip to some local boulders to finish up a couple of FA's I've had on my mind for a long time. Mostly, I have been hounding new rock and trying to work on access issues for areas that have current problems.

I'm working with the CCC to form some important relationships with many of the land managers in the Upstate, that will hopefully lead us to a legitimate climbing area. Most state managed land has a "no climbing" provision somewhat written in, but we are trying to get some of these areas changed to provide the SC climber with opportunities that we currently don't have. As of yet, there hasn't been a major breakthrough with access, but we have begun approaching some important managers about climbing on their land. For example, The Nature Conservancy has been very nice and trying to work with us to figure out possible access to a new piece of land they have acquired in Northern Pickens county. The climbing on this property isn't the best, but the climbing on an adjacent piece of land may be the best climbing, besides Table Rock, in all of South Carolina. This is going to be brought up at the upcoming CCC meeting this Saturday up near Rumbling Bald. We also have another meeting set up for next week to discuss climbing opportunities at one of the State Parks nearby. Hopefully this will eventually lead to some expanded and new access for SC climbers.

We are at a pivotal point with this access push...either we're about to start uncovering some new climbing spots, or the generally attitude of "No Climbing At All" will prevail. We need every SC climbers help in making sure that these access pushes are not in vain! The best thing you can do is join the CCC and while joining, mention that you want to help out with SC access, or if possible you want your donation to go towards SC access. I have always been of the mind set that ANYTHING is possible if you want it enough and work hard for it...and I think its very true in this instance! Responsible use of existing climbing areas and volunteering to help out with other efforts, like trail days or clean ups, will go along way for SC climbers. Let folks know that you want more climbing opportunities in the state also...mention it to park rangers, DNR or anyone else that is a land manager with potential climbing areas. Let your actions, as well as your voice, speak volumes about the incredible stewardship that climbers bring to an area and how vital we can be to these areas! Every single one of us, taking small steps together, will eventually gain the access we desire and have a very tangible reward for all of our hard work! Don't forget to come out to the CCC meeting this week and show your support for SC climbers and the endangered climbing areas that we are fighting for!

By the way, if you havent seen George's new video of Doug from Clemson, crushing 2 V10's at the Bald...where you been?!. Check it out!

Doug Ianuario at the Bald from George Evans on Vimeo.

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