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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Climbing Lately...LG's North Face Boulders & Upcoming Trips

I haven't been posting very much lately because its been so dang hot down here in SC, therefore little to no climbing. I did get a chance to slip away to The North Face of Looking Glass and boulder a little last weekend. I was so stoked to finally send a V3/4 route on the boulder right above the Warm Up Wall, that I've been working at for years! I had sent it from stacked pads before, but I couldn't, for the life of me, send from the real start. I've been trying hard to get more cardio and lift more weights during the summer, in an attempt to get in the best climbing shape for the I was feeling a little stronger and fresher than usual. You start doubled on the lowest crimp rail in the middle of the boulder with your feet on a big ledge under the slight overhang, go up to a small knobby crimp with your right, get a high right foot onto the other lower ledge and turn this over with a mantle to the point that you can snatch the sloping top edge and wrestle it out. A picture of the boulder with a chalk trail heading up it is above. I have always thought it was a good quality route, but after the send I finally felt justified to say it was:) If you didn't catch the first post last year about the North Face Boulders...check it out.

I'm also about to go on 3 road trips over the next month that I'm super stoked about. This weekend I'm heading up to Linville Gorge and plan on doing a little trad climbing with some old buddies, as well as, hitting up some of the primo bouldering in the area. Hopefully I'll get a chance to torture myself with the hike in and out of the Linville Gorge Boulders , and climb some of these incredible routes. I also plan on hitting Grandmothers Boulders and maybe check out Lost Cove...there are a few routes on the Chainsaw boulder I almost sent last time that I want to finish and then just wander around climbing whatever looks good.

Coming up around July 4th, my wife and I are taking a trip up to Grayson Highlands, about an hour north of Boone, to hit up this pretty new bouldering area. Aaron Parlier has been doing a massive amount of development up there and says its the perfect summer bouldering getaway. He's been kind enough to offer to show me around to the main areas and some of the classics. I'm REALLY looking forward to this...the place looks AMAZING! And they have wild ponies in the park too:)

Also, in the middle of July, I'm planning on taking another weekend trip up to the Highcountry and climb at Granny's and the Blowing Rock Boulders...if the weather cooperates. I'm the kind of person that looks to the next adventure to keep me motivated at work and in life, and the next month's road trips are just one giant carrot, right in front of my face. I'll post a trip report next week about Linville, I'm really excited about the Gorge Boulders! Hope everyone else out there has something to keep them motivated and a cool place to climb in this summer heat!

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