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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Rumbling Bald Fund Drive...Please Help The CCC Out!!!

I'm sure everyone checks the CCC page everyday to catch up on all of the good local climbing news...if you don't, you should make it a daily habit. As most folks in the climbing community know, the CCC purchased an incredible tract of Rumbling Bald that's chocked full of some of NC's most classic boulders and lines. The CCC would like to get this paid off as quickly as possible so they can move on to other projects and possible acquisitions, and have been asking for every one's help in doing this. There was recently announced a fundraising push for the try to get another $1000 paid off on the loan before the fall arrives. We need anybody and everybody to take up this cause with us. I personally think $1000 is too little, I'd love to see the debt drop by $5000 by the end of the please consider donating whatever you can to help pay off and preserve this incredibly important piece of NC and US climbing! I would like to challenge everyone that reads my blog to go donate $5 (or more...hopefully more:)) to help this cause! If you think about this awesome area that is available to anyone for FREE, $5 is a minor drop in the bucket to keep this place in climbers hands. Heck, you spend more than $5 just to go boulder at a gym...or to pay for the Gatorade and snacks you eat while you're at the gym. You invest $200 on a crashpad, $120 on shoes, and $30 on a chalk bucket and chalk so you can go bouldering at the Bald...why not spend a minor fraction of that to pay for the rocks you love to climb!!!

Rumbling Bald Boulder Project from Matt de Camara on Vimeo.

Obviously, I feel a strong connection to these boulders...these particular boulders were a major part of my "coming to age" as a real boulderer almost 10 years ago. I've asked everyone to give to this cause in the past, and greatly appreciate what everyone has been able to donate so far, but if it wasn't so important, I wouldn't be asking for everyone to donate again! Here are some links to past posts about this purchase...if you aren't very familiar with the situation and whats going on, please read through these to help familiarize yourself. Your donation goes a lot farther than you might think!! Thanks for your help!!!

Save The Boulders

Rumbling Bald Boulders Still Need Your Help

If you haven't checked out the CCC Shop, stop by and pick up a t-shirt or water bottle. Most of the money made from the sales also helps to pay for these boulders. Show people you care by sending in a sweet CCC shirt or hoody!

And while you're at it...if you haven't seen it, check out Doug CRUSHING at the East Side of the Bald. Thanks again for helping us protect this incredible area of boulders!!!

Doug Ianuario at the Bald from George Evans on Vimeo.

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