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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Reel Rock Tour Comes To Clemson!

I've been wanting to see the Reel Rock Tour for the last 5 years, but I haven't ever been around one of the venues when it was showing. Now, Reel Rock is coming to Clemson to share this years exciting videos. Just when I thought I had missed my chance last week to catch it up in the Highcountry, they come right to my front door! Here is the enticing video that should make you want to come join the fun...

Here is a quick link to the Clemson info on the Reel Rock homepage. I hope to see all of the local climbers out there enjoying the incredible footage from Big Up and Sender Films!


  1. i'm amped. it's gonna be a good one. make sure if you're coming and not pre-ordering tickets that you shoot an e-mail to michael at to save your spot!

  2. Word George...and I totally just ganked this post from your blog:) If anybody hasn't checked out George's blog post on the same topic, or his blog at all, you should click on over to Thanks again for the email address above & the beta on the tickets!

  3. gank away, the more the merrier! We do it big here in Clemson...