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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rumbling Bald Parking This Fall

The leaves are finally falling, or are they just giving up in this ridiculously late heat, and so that means the Bald is about to be overrun with everybody trying to get it on a rope or with a crashpad. As most folks know, the parking situation has progressively grown worse over the last couple of years. Gone are the days of the crazy dirt road scaring most folks off, now the state park has created a great parking facility and the use of the area has skyrocketed. As I mentioned in a previous post on the same subject, please be aware that the park and city are planning to manage parking much more closely and towing will be taking place much more frequently than before. Take a look at the most recent CCC release below for the details.

"Parking at Rumbling Bald - Changes for the 2010 season


As the season for climbing at Rumbling Bald ripens, we
wanted to help spread the word to all climbers that the parking situation at
Rumbling Bald will be restricted this year. Historically, climbers have enjoyed
ample and unrestricted parking at the Bald and along Boys Camp Rd. Since the
completion of the new state park facilities and parking area at Rumbling Bald,
the Park and the Town of Lake Lure have made it clear of their intention to
limit the parking to that available in the new parking area only. Parking
outside of the park gate and along the sides of this entrance road or Boys Camp
Rd. will be prohibited. The Town of Lake Lure intends to promote a towing
policy for any cars parked outside of legitimate parking places.

The CCC has produced this flyer with the hope of getting the word out to the
climbing community. We feel there is an opportunity for us to help mitigate the
effects of our impact and focus on carpooling and use of the remote parking
area at the Town Hall. Please see the attached flyer for more info.

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you out there!"

Here is the link to the pdf flyer again in case you haven't seen it yet.

There is talk of a shuttle being run by the CCC from the Lake Lure Community Center to help raise money for the Bald Boulders...keep an eye out for more info on this, and try to carpool and get there early to help alleviate any parking problems you might have.


  1. It blows my mind that they would spend so much time, effort, money on making that parking lot, only to make it about half the size needed! As obtrusive as a gravel lot in the woods is, they should have spent more time figuring out the usage levels, and sized it appropriately.

  2. I dont want to piss off the powers that be...but I totally agree with you.