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Welcome to Upstate Bouldering, designed around bouldering in the Upstate region of South Carolina. This website is intended to inform the reader of local spots in SC, Western NC and Northeast GA, as well as a blog of my experiences climbing at these great spots. I hope everyone learns of a new place to climb or is inspired to climb somewhere close to them. If you have any comments, please send me an e-mail.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Long Time, No Post

Sorry for such a long delay in posting...its not because I don't have much too post about, its mainly because I have been so busy with work and climbing a bunch. Since Oregon and my last post, I have climbed outdoors at least every other day. I got to head up to the Bald and hang out with Matt at Frixtion, his girlfriend Melisa, Matt B.(who's writing the guidebook to Dixon),Adam and George on New Year's Eve. Much better climbing that day than the party in Greenville that night! We went all over the West Side boulders; from Gateway to Shady Grove to Hanging Chain to the Cluster...I was completely worn out from such a fun day with friends! I didn't really tick off any new routes that day, but was happy to repeat a bunch of climbs I'd already sent. Take a look at Matt's post on Frixtion if you haven't already for some great photos and a video of him sending a beautiful line out at the Hanging Chain boulders. Then work took back over my life for a week...meeting after meeting to get us prepared for the new semester can get a little tedious, but local bouldering in the afternoons was the cure for that. I ended up hitting Bearfields or Jedi almost everyday last week, adding some awesome new FA's and attempting to finish up some topo's that will be released on the Carolina Climbers Coalition website when the areas are officially open. At the present, there are problems with the parking situation, but we are investigating a new approach with no access problems that will hopefully be the answer to this issue. The new approach will take about 30-45 minutes of hiking to access the boulders, but will guarantee that we will not be trespassing at any point on private property...which is the only sustainable solution! I'll fill folks in and link up to the CCC page when they finally get the OK to release this info. Keep an eye on the CCC site in the near future for the first post about bouldering in the Jocassee Gorges. Now, after day 4 of being snowed in by this big snow storm, we finally made it out of our holler and to civilization...I think I preferred being snowed in:) Here are a couple of shots from a quick bouldering session I had in the back yard...hope you had as much fun in the snow as I did!

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