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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wednesday at the Bald

After work Wednesday, I took a trip up to Rumbling to try to get one last day in before they close for what seems to be the bulk of the parking lot work. Looking at the weather, it looks to be wet all weekend, so this was my last chance, possibly for the whole season, to send some good routes. I was hoping to climb until about 6-7, but the heat, about 78', got to me faster than I expected, so I ended up leaving about 4.

I climbed a lot of routes in the Breakfast Area in the East Side, including, Crowd Pleaser V3, Champion at Keepin' Them Rollin' V4, and the FrankenBerry Dyno V5. After sending these I went down to the Breakfast Area proper and sent Land of Dreams SDS V3 and East Side 1c Unknown V5. I almost sent Morning Star V7 at the end of my session...I can do the stand start, but I didnt have enough strength to finish the route after I finally got the sit start. I had only climbed 1 V4 at the Bald before, and I had never climbed a V5 here, so today was a pretty good day of climbing for me. I like to set monthly and yearly goals to keep me motivated and progressing instead of just spinning my wheels at the same place, on the same routes. One of my major goals for the year was to climb 5 V4's and 2 V5's...which for me is a pretty big accomplishment. Before this year I've only climb a few 4's and only 1 other 5, and those were a few years ago when I was leaner and in better climbing shape. After today, I've completed this goal sooner in the year than expected.

If this was the last boulder session of the spring at Rumbling, I am very pleased! Rumbling is still open until this Sunday, March 15, at 6:30pm. But with the wet weather we are expecting, the opportunity to climb there before it closes may have already passed.

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