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Monday, February 16, 2009

Alabama Getaway...Getaway

I love that Dead song! It hasn't gone out of my head since this trip was thought up. My fiance is heading to Denver for a conference this weekend, so I saw this as an oppurtunity to visit some boulderfields I've been wanting to hit. We are getting married this May and heading to Europe for our honeymoon. We are going to spend some time in Portugal, where she will be doing research, and where I'll be bouldering a lot...hopefully. After Portugal, we are also spending some time in Fontainebleau and France. No better way to prepare for the Font than to climb at the American Font...Horse Pens. We are planning on going to Sloperfest at HP40 also, in 2 more weeks, so I saw this as a way to get familiar with the area before then. It also happened that the Chalky Dreams comp, at Moss Rock in Birmingham, is this weekend too, so I'm going to climb in that as a way to see the majority of the problems and see them being sent. I'm not really a competitor, but I love the vibe of a comp when everyone is climbing hard and yet pulling for each other to send. I'm staying with some friends in Atlanta after the comp and climbing at Boat Rock on Sunday. So many people hate on Boat Rock, but it is really a primo southern boulderfield with a variety of quality problems...well worth the stop while in Atlanta. 3 great boulderfields in 1 weekend should make for a really fun time!


  1. Brad, I'm heading to HP40Friday morning and will be c;limbing there Fri- Sunday. If you climb at HP 40 Friday and need orientation to the area I'd be happy to show you around. I'll be leading a small group of students from Asheville School. I'm also going to the sloperfest...

  2. Hey Matt...I'm planning on getting there early Friday morning and staying in B'ham Friday night (Chalky Dreams at Moss Rock on Sat morning). I'll take you up on the orientation if I can find ya'll, I'm psyched about finally seeing HP. Thanks for the offer!

  3. Brad, we will not be there until a little after lunch on friday. Come find us and do a little pebble wrestlin with us!

  4. I should be there about 11am or so and plan on sticking around until around dark. Look forward to getting a tour.