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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Polls and Training

The first poll closed this morning, and the second one was just put up, and a 3rd poll question for non climbing training will be posted soon also. For these new polls, you can select more than 1 training method you click on all of you training habits and hit vote!

The results from the first poll were kind of what I was expecting, most people climb in the lower grades (V0-V4), and there are a handful that climb harder (V5 and up) regularly. I love to climb and climb a lot, but I still usually climb more in the V1-V3 range than any other grade range. I find these climbs to be more fun than challenging. I like a challenge sometimes, and I will find a route or two that sparks me into "projecting" it, but usually these are a couple grades higher (V4-V5).

I put up the new poll question because, I tend to do a lot of activities, beside climbing, that help my climbing abilities. For example, yesterday I went to Clemson and biked about 5 miles around the town, then did yoga at Fike and ended with a quick climb on the Fike nice to officially meet you ATJohns. I always feel like I climb a grade harder the weeks I do yoga, and bike rides always get my aerobic and endurance up.

It's also cool to note that there are 2 route setters following the blog...J-Rock sets the routes for "Climb at Blue Ridge", the gym in Greer/Travelers Rest, and ATJohns is a routesetters for the Fike wall at Clemson. If you havent visited these gyms yet, I recommend it...Climb at Blue Ridge always has some fresh tape on the wall, both roped routes and boulder routes. The Fike wall is a very nice Nicros fake rock wall with a couple of regular plywood walls on each side. The place is usually buzzing with students, and the routes are always fun and challenging...a welcome climbing respet in Clemson!

Watch out for tomorrow's post...I'll spill the beans on a couple of bouldering opps in the upstate. I've had several people ask about directions to the Bearfields and Jedi, but I cant give these out yet, so I'll keep ya'll happy with some other areas to explore.

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