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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Fontainebleau Slideshows

I've added 3 new slideshows of pictures from some of the different areas we've visited so far in Fontainebleau. The first that was posted is from the Buthiers area, specifically Massif L'i. This was the first area we visited and is only 5 minutes from Maison Bleau, where we are staying. The second slideshow is from L'Elephant, the most classic boulder in the forest, and the surrounding circuits near Larchant. As mentioned in the previous post, this was one of my dream areas to visit...and it didnt dissapoint. L'Elephant was much taller than expected, even though I knew it was a highball boulder. The third slideshow is from Diplodocus, an area found within the Trois Pignon section of the forest. The boulders in this area are said to look like the bones of a dinosaur, scattered across the sandy opening in the forest. We have also visited another area in Buthiers, Massif Canard, but I havent got any photos yet, because we lost our lighting when the sun went down. We plan on heading back in the next day or so to finish up the circuit, and plan on getting some photos then. We should be visiting Bas Curvier, the most famous area of Font, tomorrow, and checking out all of the super classic routes that have made Curvier so legendary. Hope everyone enjoys the pictures!

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